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Networking (NT) Workstation, Server, LAN, WAN

Over the years, competition in the computer hardware retail industry has become very fierce. At times, quality has taken a back seat to price.

Xec Consulting does not sell computer hardware. Instead we have formed strategic alliance with Dexton Computers Ltd (a public company trading on the VSE).

Dexton has over the years proved to be able to maintain a good balance between price and quality. Dexton has the qualified personnel to install and support local area networks (LANS) and wide area networks (WANS) for both WinNT and Novell.

Xec Consulting's goal is to interface with you, the client, in order to provide the local area LAN infrastructure or WAN specifications that are required for your business solution.

Specifications are passed directly onto Dexton's personnel for quoting (hardware, LAN or WAN implementation). The amounts quoted include everything that you will need. No other vendors will be required.

Xec Consulting recommends Dexton Computers Ltd as it's hardware provider however, we encourage that you tender the specifications to at least two other sources (your internal office procedures may dictate that you do so).

All in all, we are quite comfortable that the partnership between Xec Consulting and Dexton Computers will be to your satisfaction and benefit.

The availability of a 7 x 24 hour service contract (for those mission critical systems) only proves Dexton's commitment to your solution. In effect, what you get through our alliance Dexton Computers Ltd is one stop shopping. This guarantees that your local area network (Lan) or wide area network (Wan) will work for you and that it will meet the needs of the software solution that we provide for you.

When it comes to WinNT, LAN or WAN solutions, give us a call. We will send someone out to do a needs assessment (discussed elsewhere on this page).

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