Research & Development
  Visual Objects,  Delphi,  Visual C,  Clipper | "C"
  Microsoft Access
  Networking (NT) Workstation, Server, LAN, WAN
  Needs Assessment: hardware/software

Research & Development
Our R&D staff has, over the past 12 years, developed applications ranging from DOS based point of sale systems (P.O.S.) all the way to 32 bit Windows NT geographical information systems (G.I.S.).

Our clients range from large corporations to small entrepreneurial shops. No client is too big or too small. We can probably help you meet your computing needs.

Xec Consulting would be glad to spend a few hours with you in order to do a needs assessment (discussed elsewhere on this page) from which we could provide a rough implementation plan and cost analysis. There is never a fee for this service as it serves to get us all acquainted.

At Xec Consulting we look forward to achieving your automation goals.

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