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Microsoft Access

Since Microsoft Access is the world's most popular database we decided to give it a section of it's own. What is Microsoft Access?

Well, there are actually two parts to Microsoft Access. The first part is the database (ie..: the thing that stores the data on a hard disk somewehere), and the other, the Microsoft Access language. Sometimes when people refer to Microsoft Access, they mean both, sometimes they mean the database, sometimes they mean the language. Sometimes it's just not too clear!

It must be noted that most high level languages (VC, VO, Delphi ) can use the access database and, at Xec Consulting, we interface these components on almost daily basis. This provides power (from the selected high level language) and allows the user share the application data with other Microsoft compatible products.

Xec Consulting also has experienced Microsoft Access programmers on staff for those Access only solutions.

Give us a call and we will send someone out to do a needs assessment (discussed elsewhere on this page).

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